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Standing Up for Polar Bears….

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Dear Wildlife Supporter,
Yesterday, the House Committee on Natural Resources passed a fiscally irresponsible plan that targets the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — home to polar bears, caribou and other Arctic wildlife.
But your U.S. Representative stood firm and courageously voted against this environmentally destructive and highly speculative plan.
Take action now to thank your U.S. Representative for standing up for America’s Arctic wildlife and opposing efforts to drill in America’s Arctic to fund the Transportation Bill.
Yesterday’s committee vote shows that Big Oil and its allies in Congress will stop at nothing to open our natural treasures like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to dirty oil and gas drilling.
The plan is highly speculative and fiscally irresponsible, using revenue that may not even materialize in five years to fund very real transportation projects that we need today.
Yet it risks America’s threatened polar bears and other Arctic wildlife and some of our most pristine wilderness and waters while not even coming close to the billions of dollars needed for transportation projects.
Please thank your U.S. Representative today for standing up for our natural heritage — and opposing a fiscally irresponsible and highly speculative plan.
Thanks for all you do to protect our wildlife and wild places.

Marcia Lesky, Defenders of Wildlife Sincerely,
Marcia Lesky National Outreach Director Defenders of Wildlife

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